Press statement about COVID-19 infection – Angol nyelvű sajtóközlemény a koronavírusról
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According to the decision of the Government, from Monday on students are not allowed to go to school.

On Saturday, Dr. Ferenc Kovács, Mayor of Nyíregyháza called together a coordination meeting of the Operational Group.

After assessing the situation, the Major ordered an extraordinary break in all nurseries and kindergartens in Nyíregyháza from 16th March (Monday) onwards.

For those who cannot ensure intraday supervision of their underage children any other way, standby duty will be provided in kindergartens and nurseries. Catering must be provided in nurseries, kindergartens and schools for those who make use of the standby duty services.

As advised by the Operation Group under the Government, parents are asked to ensure intraday supervision of their children at home, if possible.

In order to protect drinking water resources, the Nyírségvíz Zrt. imposed extraordinary measures. To ensure continuous and safe service of drinking water - being a top priority for the population – any facility of the company can be entered only by the employees of NYÍRSÉGVÍZ Zrt. and the representatives of competent authorities until further notice. They ask their clients to contact them primarily via e-mail ( ), letter (postal address: 4401 Nyíregyháza, Pf. 290.) or telephone (06-42/523-623). Troubleshooting reports via e-mail:  or telephone: 06-42/523-600.

The Mayor also ordered the Marketplace on Tokaji street (Tokaji úti Vásártér és Iparcikk Piac) to be closed from Monday, 16th March until further notice in order to prevent spreading of the virus. The Wholesale Market (Nagybani Piac) continues to operate as usual.

Also from Monday funeral services in the Northern Cemetery (Északi temető) may only be held at the open funeral home at the front entrance during the emergency situation. At the other cemeteries of the city (Oros, Borbánya, Nagyszállás, Sóstóhegy, Nyírszőlős) only the close relatives of the deceased can stay in the indoor funeral homes. Other mourners can pay their last respects in front of the funeral homes. Mourners are asked to avoid paying respect through physical contact.

The Mayor’s Office continues to ask its clients to use telephone or electronic administration whenever possible. Only those clients may appear at the helpdesks in person who have a pre-scheduled appointment. To make an appointment you can use the appointment scheduling system in case of any department performing public authority tasks. It is available via smartphone app or at Clients are also requested to choose electronic administration or telephone when contacting any institutions or companies of the loca authority.

The Mayor asks every family in Nyíregyháza to help their old relatives and neighbours in any way they can, especially with getting their necessary food and medicines. Pay attention to and take care of your grandparents, great-grandparents and each other.

In order to protect elderly people, who are at greater risk, visiting any institutions of the local authority providing daycare for the elderly is not allowed. The institutions in question continue to provide social catering.

We would like to ask all citizens again to treat the situation in a calm and responsible manner, to pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, and especially to avoid contact with people having fever, as well as with relatives who came back from infected areas. It is crucial that when the symptoms appear, do not contact your doctor in person, but via telephone, or if your doctor is not available, contact the on-call medical service (+36 42 402-377).

The Operational Group set up by the city authorities is constantly analysing the situation and if necessary takes or suggests further actions. We will regularly inform the people of  Nyíregyháza about any changes in the future, just as we did in the past.

We would also like to call your attention to the fact that there are many fake news about the situation – especially in the social media. Please, follow the up-to-date, authentic information on the website:, or the press releases from the city authorities.

On the our National Holiday the Mayor of Nyíregyháza asks the people of Nyíregyháza to remain composed and level-headed. By working together we will defeat the challenges of this period ahead of us.