Nyíregyháza has Become Fashionable

Nyíregyháza and its inhabitants do their best to make sure that visiting guests feel as welcome as possible in the city. Perhaps because of this, the city has become one of the most dynamic tourist destinations in Hungary. The number of tourists visiting the town is steadily increasing; the number of guest nights spent in Nyíregyháza has increased by one and a half times during the past ten years. At the same time, tourist tax revenue has also increased, and the city uses this revenue solely for tourism development. Recently, many new attractions have been developed and tourists can follow them on www.nyiregyhaza.hu.

Thanks to this dynamic development, and in order to increase the amount of accommodation, the construction of two new hotels has begun in Nyíregyháza-Sóstó Health Spa, Hungarys national health resort. The Pangea Ecocentre and Hotel has been built next to the zoo. This training and conference centre has classrooms, recreational facilities, and 38 hotel rooms. Moreover, a 122-room four-star hotel project is also in progress. The special feature of the Hotel Sóstó Spa and Resort will be the covered bridge connecting it to the Aquarius Spa. Both hotels will be ready to open in the summer of 2018.

Largest and Most Prestigious...

Thanks to the continuous development and the rank of the city in tourism, Nyíregyháza is the first Hungarian city to be admitted to the UN World Tourism Organization, the largest and most prestigious professional tourism agency. Through gaining an understanding of best international practice, membership of the UNWTO can help the city to further develop its tourism. The people of Nyíregyháza are famous for their hospitality; those who visit the town and experience this will surely spread the good news...


With Faith, Will and Determination

In the 10th and 11th centuries, Nyíregyháza belonged to the district of Szabolcs Castle. In 1209, it was mentioned only as Nyír, but by 1236 the village had gained a church, and also acquired the second part of its name. During the 15th century, it was a manorial market town, and then it gained a Hajdú town privilege in 1613.

In 1753, Count Ferenc Károlyi decided to resettle the depopulated land. He issued a charter and promised significant benefits to the Slovak settlers who arrived from Békés County and Upper Hungary.

The population of the resettled Nyíregyháza was industrious and hard-working. They transformed the sands and steppes into productive land, rebuilt the town, and made it prosperous thanks to their devotion and hard work. In 1786, they obtained the status of market town, built a church, and paid land reform indemnities twice, in 1803 and in 1824. Soon after, in 1837, Nyíregyháza became a royal free town. Freed from feudal constraints, the fate of the town was now in its own hands.

... in the county of Szabolcs, this town is the only one that has grown from a few insignificant hovels to become a populous place within a century. Then, through hard work and commitment, it managed to raise itself to the status of a well-organized town, free from manorial constraints, and with excellent privileges (Márton Hatzel, former mayor of Nyíregyháza, 1853)

Nyíregyháza became the county capital one hundred and twenty years after the resettlement. The inhabitants of Nyíregyháza commemorate their predecessors in May each year during the City Days series of events.

City Centre Atmosphere

Nyíregyháza is a young and vibrant city. Walking in the historic city centre, you will find that the modern architecture of the 21st century and the impressive historic buildings are in harmony with each other. The main square, which is surrounded by the Town Hall, Our Lady of Hungary Roman Catholic Church, the long-standing Korona Hotel, and the Takarék Palace, is the venue for many major events and festivals.


The People of Nyíregyháza

The bench of the priests at Kossuth Square was set in its original place based on the short story by Gyula Krúdy, the great author who was born in the town. My readers never asked where I was born. It is clear from all my writings that I am from Nyíregyháza, and I am proud of my place of birth. According to Krúdy, representatives of every religion were sitting and talking in a friendly way on the priests bench, and he remembered that the todays Nyíregyháza could be considered to have been born from this small bench.

From this bench, you could see the marketplace of Nyíregyháza, with a long shadow cast at its centre by the Catholic church. Who would have thought that the shadow of the tower would suddenly disappear, because the church would be moved to another place, as the inhabitants of Nyíregyháza would need a large, free marketplace? - wrote Krúdy in his short story The People of Nyíregyháza in 1924.

The city centres attraction and charm is a result of an abundance of public works of art, parks, benches, and cafés.

The General Assembly of Nyíregyháza County Town posthumously awarded Gyula Krúdy honorary citizenship in 2011. The literary history work of Gyula Krúdy now forms part of the national cultural assets recorded in the Nyíregyháza Repository of Cultural Assets.

Unique and Special

There are many cultural, architectural, and natural assets in the citys past and present, which are worth getting to know better. The national health resort the Sóstó Health Spa is part of the Nyíregyháza Repository of Cultural Assets, which includes, among other things, the world of the farmsteads, which is absolutely unique with its romantic marshes, salt lakes with magnificent birds, meadows with orchids, and the wonderful Kun mounds. The Tirpák folk architecture and the Lutheran Great Church, the oldest church in the city, also represent such assets.

The people of Nyíregyháza are proud of the Cantemus Choir, the Nyírség Dance Ensemble, and the Szabolcs Folk Dance Ensemble, while the current success of the 4 for Dance Company and the work of Gyula Krúdys on literary history also belong in the Nyíregyháza Repository of Assets.

Excellent Attractions

The beauty of the Sóstó Forest and the János Tuzson Botanical Garden is hard to express in words; we recommend that you visit them on a family trip. It is also worth visiting the Sóstó Museum Village, where you can admire the folk architecture of the countys small districts, or take the time to visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Town Gallery, the András Jósa Museum, and the Kállay Collection.

If you want to know more about the cultural assets of Nyíregyháza, please visit the website: https://www.nyiregyhaza.hu/ertektar for more information.

Across the Continents – Sóstó ZOO

The Zoo of Nyíregyháza, which was awarded the title of Europes Best Zoo in 2015, has a very special animal collection. It is no surprise that Hungarys most popular tourist attraction has almost 500,000 visitors per year, not only from all over the country, but also from abroad.

Nearly 5,000 animals live in common enclosures grouped by continent in the 30-hectare oak forest. The big favourites include the polar bears from the Arctic, which take pleasure in using their glass-walled pool, and the ring-tailed and collared brown lemurs that the guests can walk freely among. The spectacular sea lion show is also very popular; visitors can watch both this and the colourful parrot show every day during the high season.

The shark feeding in the 500,000-litre Oceanarium is a great experience twice a week. The Rainforest House above the Oceanarium displays the animals of the Indonesian jungle. The African panorama, where you can take a walk on a charming bamboo bridge and watch the typical hoofed animals of the continent, is absolutely unique. The South America show and the Andean adventure are also spectacular, as the animals can be observed from hanging bridges situated high up in the tree canopy.

Visitors can take a pleasant walk under the shady trees, or travel around the Zoo in the electric kocsikázoo minibuses. If you would like to spend more time there then knock on the door of one of the zoos hotels, the Hotel Jungle or the Ózoon Hotel, where groups and families are welcomed and which provide free entrance to the Zoo. www.sostozoo.hu.

Attractions in Nyíregyháza Sóstó Health Spa

Each year, one million people visit Nyíregyháza Sóstó Health Spa, and it cannot be just coincidence...
Sóstó Health Spa, the national health resort of Hungary, was named after its salt lake. Sóstó is surrounded by a 320-hectare oak forest with a special microclimate, is located less than six kilometres from the city centre and provides great experiences for all age groups.

One of Sóstós oldest buildings is the former Bath House which has operated as the 3-star Hotel Fürdőház since 2013. The wellness area on the ground floor has been renovated; the former cabins with wooden bathtubs were replaced by a spa pool, a light therapy salt cave, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna. The hotel offers its guests modern furniture and wide back-friendly mattresses.

Next to the Hotel, the Aquarius Spa and the Park Spa offer great adventures for all members of the family. The Aquarius Spa, which open all year round, and the Park Spa, which is open seasonally, can be visited with the same ticket during the summer. Guests can walk freely between the two Spas, and choose from the 22 pools, many slides and adventure elements. In the hotel-quality spa therapy section, a wide range of physiotherapy and balneotherapy treatments are on offer. Therapeutic exercise, movement therapy, ultrasound, underwater ultrasound treatments, stable galvanic baths, interference and soft laser light therapy, and thermo-, cryo- and magnetotherapy are all available for guests looking for healing treatment.

It is good news for tourists attracted to Sóstó Health Spa that the construction of a new four-star wellness and conference hotel with 122 rooms was started in 2017, and it will be connected by a closed, heated bridge to the Aquarius Spa. According to the plans, the hotel will receive its first guests in 2018. www.sostort.hu.

An Abundance of Culture

Choose Nyíregyháza if you are looking for cultural experiences, relaxation, and great entertainment - you will find many events here. Two of the citys institutions, the Zsigmond Móricz County and City Library and the Mihály Váci Cultural Centre, offer the attractive events throughout the year. The interesting and exciting exhibitions of the András Jósa Museum include archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions. The founder of the Kállay Collection is Dr Kristóf Kállay from Nagykálló, the former Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, who donated his private collection of objects, records and books his home town of Nyíregyháza.

The repertoire of the Zsigmond Móricz Theatre offers great entertainment throughout the season. The colourful Open-Air Summer events during the summer months, and the VIDOR Festival at the end of the summer are a real treat for audiences. During the first week of September, the national parade of happiness and joy fills the streets, squares, and institutions of Nyíregyháza with atmosphere, and entertains the public at many places across the county. In addition to the theatre comedies, outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, puppet performances, live sculptures, performers, and caricaturists entertain the towns residents and the guests arriving to see the festival.
Sports, Health and Entertainment

Nyíregyháza is a dynamically developing city with a colourful and sparkling cultural and sporting life and where more and more of the inhabitants lead a healthy lifestyle and take practical steps to protect the environment. These latter two are served by the rapid development of the citys cycle path network. Anyone who wants to ride on two wheels from the city centre to Sóstó Health Spa can do so safely. Around the lake there are not only shady promenades, playgrounds, gym parks, a romantic island and boating facilities for families but also an all-weather running track. The number of cycle enthusiasts is steadily growing and they benefit from a continuous 30 km cycle path was built between Nyíregyháza and Tokaj in 2017, as well as the network of more than 50 kilometre of cycle paths within the city.

On the Move...

In Nyíregyháza, in addition to the many championship competitions, national and international sport competitions and mass sport events, there are many options for recreational sport. The local government provides free sports events within the framework of the Move Nyíregyháza! series of events, and the people of Nyíregyháza have been able to choose from 22 different sports programmes since autumn 2017.

Enthusiasts of open-air events and regular exercise can enjoy the benefits of the open-air gym parks built throughout the city. The City Stadium, Lake Bujtos, the City Park, and the forest gym park in the heart of the Sóstó Forest, next to the playground, offer great opportunities for sport.
Giant Cake, Plum Cake and Lángos

Nyíregyháza abounds in gastronomic events and festivals. The students of the SZC Barna Sipkay Vocational School and College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism in Nyíregyháza prepare some typical local delicacies each year. They have already baked a giant version of Krúdys favourite cake, and surprised the inhabitants of the city with a thousand-slice lángos on the City Days in May. In the autumn of 2017, they baked the Citys Plum Cake for the Tirpák Festival, and offered a thousand portions to visitors.

The Plum Cake of the City

This tasty cinnamon-flavoured giant cake was made from the traditional plums of Penyigne. To prepare it they used 50 kg of flour, 50 kg of sugar, 12 kg of icing sugar, 2 kg of vanilla sugar, 20 packets of cinnamon, 150 eggs, 15 kg of margarine, 5 kg of baking powder, 60 kg of plums, 10 kg of plum jam and 14 kg of breadcrumbs. Two confectioners, two teachers, and 17 pupils participated in the preparation.

The Favourite Cake of Krúdy

The dough of this 1200-slice cake was made from a mixture of whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, and corn flour. The filling was made from white chocolate, dry plum, and apple, and contained a little rum and plum jam as well. The top was decorated with honey meringues and chocolate pastilles and the sides were covered with roasted walnuts. The giant cake was made by 52 confectioners apprentices under the direction of professional instructors. 1,200 eggs, 40 kg of flour, 20 kg of sugar, 30 kg of prunes, 50 kg of apple, and butter and honey were used.

Community Experiences and Unforgettable Entertainment

Major events, festivals, and mass sports events are held every season in Nyíregyháza. The Advent and winter concerts, the New Years Eve street ball, the traditional New Years Concert and carnival balls are followed by outdoor events.

Hello Nyíregyháza!

In April each year, the people of Nyíregyháza great each other and their future guests with this feast which welcomes the spring and the start of the tourist season. In May, during the City Days series of events, our twin and partner cites introduce themselves, and turn the city centre into a colourful cavalcade of culture. In summer, in addition to many other programmes, the Night of the Museums, Open-Air Summer events, the Sóstó Beer Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Cauldron Amateur Cooking Competition offer a lot of fun. The Cantemus Choir Festival and the Nyírség Folk Dance Festival also attract many visitors. At the beginning of autumn, the Vidor Festival, followed by the Tirpák Festival and Pálinka Day spice up the life of the city, offering majestic sights, unforgettable gastronomic and cultural experiences, and great entertainment.
For more information, visit the citys official Website: www.nyiregyhaza.hu


Made in Nyíregyháza

The economy of Nyíregyháza is developing dynamically. Thanks to the favourable facilities of the city, the partnership of the local government, and the well-trained workforce, many companies decide to make investments in Nyíregyháza.

Today, we could easily apply the Made in Nyíregyháza label to the products of global companies, such as the LEGO DUPLO bricks, Michelin tyres, ContiTech air springs, the rubber parts made by HÜBNER-H, the Bentley steering wheels and gearboxes produced in the Eissmann plant, or the Electrolux refrigerators. One of the European centres of Raiffeisen Bank operates in Nyíregyháza, and there is a long list of the companies that are either establishing or developing and extending their existing premises in the city. The fact that Nyíregyháza and its people are now adding to the countrys performance is due to the numerous small and medium-sized companies that, in addition to the big factories, give employment to many people in the city.

Growing Economy

Thanks to the construction of the new western bypass road, one of the most important industrial and business development zones in Eastern Hungary with a connection to the motorway network will be opened as the citys 2nd industrial park in the near future. The local government does its best to ensure that urban development is carried out according to the principles that have made Nyíregyháza such an attractive place for investment and that help it to act as a partner for new investment.

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